No matter how small, outdoor space is precious - don't let it go to waste!  A tiny backyard or patio can be transformed into a pocket paradise with a few clever hacks to make the most of what you have.  Check out our seven handy tips on how to create a small outdoor space you will love.

1. Keep it clutter-free


Size and shape matters.  Don’t try to overstuff the area with as much furniture as you can find – you should be able to comfortably navigate the area without needing to dodge side tables and move chairs!  The good news is, you don’t have to sacrifice style just because you don’t have much room – a narrow table or bar leaner can provide plenty of seating.  Scale down your expectations with smaller functional pieces.

2. Flexible furniture


A large chest ottoman can serve as extra seating, while acting as storage space for your outdoor cushions and accessories when they’re not in use.

Take advantage of foldable or stackable furniture that can be tucked away when you need a little extra room.  Wooden folding chairs and tables are easy to collapse and store, but there's also the option of cleverly designed nesting dining tables where the chairs stack neatly underneath the table.

3. Think vertical


The sky's the limit!  Add height with lighting and hanging decor.  Take advantage of your walls with mounted pot plants or a vertical garden to draw the eye up and create a sense of space.

4. Keep it green


You are outdoors, after all!  Greenery is vital outside, especially if you're in an urban environment.


Potted plants can easily be moved if you need to change things around, and artificial grass is the ultimate low-maintenance garden which guarantees a vibrant green exterior all-year round.

5. Clever paint tricks

Paint the surfaces where natural light hits with white or cool shades to reflect more light back into your space.  And try blue - it's one of 'nature's neutrals', and by painting it onto vertical surfaces, it will help to melt away restricting borders and blend walls with the sky.

6. See the light

Cramped, small and dark - not what you're going for!  When the sun goes down, make sure your outdoor space remains warm and inviting with outdoor lights.  Stringing lights keeps things clutter-free, and solar is a great choice for power savings.

7. It's all smoke and mirrors

Well ... maybe not so much smoke, unless you have the barbecue pumping!  But mirrors and glass create a sense of depth.  Go for glass-topped furniture, and a well-placed mirror will not only trick the eye into creating space, but will reflect natural light.

Become an illusionist!  Long, straight lines create a perspective of bigger space.  In a backyard, a fence does this for you, and you can enhance the effect with rows of hedges or long bench seating.  Furniture with open backs don't interrupt your line of sight as much and will make your space feel larger.

While you scale down your furniture and decor, scale up the materials used in your fences and floors.  Wide fencing posts or flat fencing create a less cluttered look.  If the flooring is paved, go for bigger pavers with grout in a similar colour.

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