The Bay of Plenty Home Show is one of the biggest home shows in the region, with three days action-packed days of creating dreams for our visitors.  It's an affordable way to put your brand in front of the huge Bay of Plenty market.

I want to be at the Bay of Plenty Home Show!  Who can I talk to?

Call us on 07 576 0513 or email You can also express your interest using our online form here.

I want to be part of the new marquees at the Bay of Plenty Home Show!  Who can I talk to?

Call us on 07 576 0513 or email You can also express your interest using our online form here.

Exhibiting in the Bay of Plenty

At Bay Events, we take the role of making sure our exhibitors succeed very seriously.  We succeed when you succeed, and not before.

The Bay of Plenty's diverse, robust and vibrant economy has surpassed even Auckland as New Zealand's fastest-growing regional economy.  With a population explosion, there's a huge number of new customers who may not have heard of your product or service before.  It's time to harness the potential and grow your customer base!

"But we're already busy ..."

​​There is huge value in awareness.  Think of the biggest brands you know, products you use every day.  Chances are, those companies never stop marketing, even though they already have huge brand awareness.  You need to work to grow and maintain market share, and it's even more important during busy periods when competition is fierce and the customer can easily go elsewhere.

New consumers are entering the Bay of Plenty market audience every day.  Where have they seen you?  It's important to keep your name out there and fresh in the minds of potential clients - one day, when they need what you offer, they'll think of you.

Don't miss a fantastic opportunity while your business is hot.  If you're not in front of your customer, your competition will be.

"Digital marketing has me covered, I don't need to talk to customers."

Digital marketing is amazing - you won't catch us trying to say that it's not!  It's quick, convenient and universally accessible, with potential customers checking you out from the comfort of their own home, held in the palm of their hand.  But nothing works in excess, including online marketing where your message can easily get lost in the sea of flashy ads and sponsored content.  Without putting yourself in front of your customer, you have no idea how that prospective client responded.  Did they like your product?  Will they invite their friends to check it out?  Are they even in the market for it, or did they just swipe left and reject you?

Face to face marketing should never lose its hold as an important strategy - especially when you're selling big-ticket items for the home. When people are investing large amounts of money on important home decisions, they want to look their supplier in the eye and build a relationship with them.

At our roots, we're still social beings.  A strong business relationship is built on visibility, trust and a physical presence - a Tweet or a chat box is never going to replace a real human conversation.  New research published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology shows that in-person communication is 34% more effective than digital communication at getting results!

"But why exhibit at this home show?"

The Bay of Plenty Home Show is run by Bay Events, who have put on over 60 trade shows since being established in 1995. We are a family business, and we live in the community we cater to. We're proud of the way we organise our shows, and our exhibitors recognise that we're a little different.

You may have participated in some of New Zealand's other shows and be a little unsure, but we assure you that your experience here in Tauranga will have you coming back - many of our exhibitors have been with us for years!

The Bay of Plenty Home Show is incredibly affordable in comparison to similar events around the country, and we work hard to bring in a huge audience every year.

Join us for the 2023 Bay of Plenty Home Show!

2023 marks the eleventh annual Bay of Plenty Home Show.  Our visitors are highly motivated and genuinely interested in the products and services your company has to offer - they've made an effort to be at the show, they've paid to see you and they want to leave with something of value.

Prospects rarely give up their time willingly, but at the Bay of Plenty Home Show, they're doing it enthusiastically!


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