Your house takes the brunt of the weather, and it's time to do some maintenance to protect your biggest investment - your home.


You wouldn't dream of owning an expensive car without getting it serviced, and you need to treat your home the same way!  Without regular care and maintenance, you're headed for a nightmare of costly repairs down the track.


Though most home maintenance can be done by the handy homeowner, major home repair should only be tackled by experts.


1. Inspect your roof


Out of sight should definitely not be out of mind - the roof over your head is one of the most important functions of your home!  Scan your roof for broken or missing shingles, damaged flashing, a worn paint job, nails popping out or discoloured or warped areas.


Anything out of the ordinary will need your immediate attention.  Working at height can be dangerous, so make sure you consult a professional!

2. Clear your gutters


Clean leaves and debris from gutters and downpipes, and make sure they're draining properly and into the right drains.  Check for leaks or cracks, and investigate gutter protection if you find your gutters are constantly clogging.

For more tips read our article Declutter Your Gutters.

3. Don't let nature take over


With New Zealand's prolific sun and rain, nature goes wild.  If you pull away branches and find that overgrown greenery and branches have created areas of rot and mould or dents and scratches, it's time to trim them back to promote air circulation and evaporation, improving the health of your home.


Large dead branches can fall and cause damage, and vines and climbing plants should be trimmed regularly to ensure they don't compromise the structure of your home.


Get control of your lawn by controlling weeds to create a lush, green space.

4. Fight moss and mould


Buildup of moss and mould encourages rot and damp, and is bad for your health.  Clean away indoor mould with targeted cleaning products - although large infestations should be tackled by professionals.  Give your exterior a good waterblast to keep things fresh!


If you find mould and mildew keeps returning, it's probably time to look into an efficient ventilation system.

5. Freshen your filters


Keep your heating and cooling system at peak performance by replacing the air filter, there are mobile businesses who can come and do this for you.


Remove the filter from your kitchen rangehood and clean it thoroughly.  For a metal filter, you can spray it with oven spray, leave it to sit for a few minutes to dissolve the grease, then rinse thoroughly with hot water.  If you need more room to do this, the laundry, bathroom or shower can be a good place to rinse!

6. Protect your paint job


Compromised paint jobs will let in moisture, leading to long-term damage.


Fix cracks and imperfections in both your exterior and interior paint, including windowsills and fencing.  As always with painting, preparation is key - thoroughly clean, fill and sand the area, as painting over rot or mould is a short-term fix that will lead to bigger problems in the future.

7. Seal it up


Check you're still weather-tight by checking your window and door seals - your house needs to be breathe, but wind whistling through gaps around the windows isn't fun!


Caulk around your wet areas, particularly in the bathroom - water seeping into gaps will lead to rot and deterioration in the structure of your home.

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