Plan to make the most of your Bay of Plenty Home Show visit

If you approach the show with some details in mind, exhibitors will have the tools needed to give you the information you want!​

Take measurements

A new kitchen, new deck or new carpet all have one thing in common - you need measurements to get a true idea of the scope of your project.

Take measurements of the space and write them down so you can approach exhibitors with the information needed for them to give you a good idea of the budget and timeline that it will take to complete the job.

They will most likely arrange a site visit (an in-home consultation) to finalise the details.

Gather some photos for inspiration

A Pinterest board, pictures from magazines, a snap of a friend's kitchen that you love ... visuals are the best way to get your message across.

Make a list of must-haves

You need a baseline of expectations.  If you're getting a new pool, how deep does it need to be?  Does it have to be installed by summertime?  What colour lining do you like?

Make a budget

Make sure you have a maximum budget in mind, and realise that you may have to adjust some of your expectations to meet your budget - or increase the budget to meet expectations!

Take photos

If you're buying a replacement water filter or replacing your kitchen bench tops, take a few snaps on your phone to show the exhibitor you're talking to.  You can convey a lot more information with an image than you can by trying to describe it from memory.

Make a list of questions

You're going to a show to talk to the experts, and it's the perfect time to pose a few questions.  Make a list so you don't forget what you wanted to ask!

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