Grant McCarthy has been in the water business for over 40 years, and started Filters & Fountains in his quest to provide liquid life for all.

Grant aims to help people drink and cook with the best, freshest tasting chemical-free water possible - removing chemicals, heavy metals, bugs and bacteria from our water has been his life.

What's in my water?

Tap water in New Zealand is treated with chemicals and additives to make it drinkable for the masses.  Killing bacteria and making water sanitary is the priority of Councils all over the country, and adding chlorine is the cheapest option.  Aluminium is also added as a flocculant (helping to bind dirt and sediment particles together so they can be filtered from the water), and unfortunately the aluminium is never completely removed from the final product that emerges at your home.

At certain times of year, lime is added at the water treatment stage, and fluoride is also added to provide dental protection.

Filters and Fountains

As well as supplying fountains for sports clubs, schools, parks and other community and commercial uses, Filters & Fountains have a range of filtration options designed for New Zealand homes.

Under bench & bench top filter systems

Under bench and bench top filter systems are the classic solution to filtered water needs.  Filtering your water helps removes chlorine and heavy metals, herbicides, pesticides, trihalomethanes, bad tastes and odours - making your water taste beautiful again!

Water filtration is a cost effective solution for the home or office.  Filters & Fountains can also change the filter on most branded under bench and bench top systems!​

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Filters and Fountains
Whole house filtration

Reduce the nasties from the water before it even gets to your tap!  Filter & Fountains' whole-house purifier is plumbed in at the main point of entry to your home.  Your town supply water passes through the pre-filter fist, which removes dirt and sediment, then moves through the carbon and KDF media filter, reducing chlorine, heavy metals, tastes and odour.

This means every single outlet from the kitchen to the shower and washing machine are using clean, safe and healthy water.  Even your plants outside benefit from filtered water!

UV sterilisation

UV sterilisation is perfect for tank water, bore water, or other types of untreated water supply.  Ultraviolet (UV) sterlisation doesn't add chemicals to your water, nor does it alter the water chemistry.


Water first passes through a pre-filter, removing sediment and leaf matter, then goes on to the UV steriliser.  UV light inactivates harmful microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses by disrupting the DNA, preventing them from multiplying and causing illness.  Your water comes out safe and ready for your family to enjoy!


Liquid life for all
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