When it comes to creating a full sensory experience, nothing compares with the sound, aroma and ambience generated by a raging wood burning fireplace.


Flare Fires can work with you and your outdoor entertainment area to put together a configuration and design to suit your outdoor space – from specialised design and finishes to specially fabricated benches and woodboxes.

The Flare Outdoor Fire provides the next step up from the traditional outdoor BBQ, allowing you to light a big fire for everyone to enjoy as your guests arrive. As the night progresses, move the ember base to one side of the firebox for use as a heat bank. Slide the cooking frame into place and select your favourite grill or hot plate, heat it and start to cook. If further heat is required, simply drag more embers across. This allows an infinite variation of heat. This level of control makes cooking a breeze.

Flare Fires

Flare Fires is a family business founded by Torrey Hilton, and is based here in the Bay of Plenty.  Torrey started out by building his own outdoor fire/barbecue in his own backyard, and it evolved into building fireplaces for others.  Each unit was a little more refined in its functionality and appeal - then the penny dropped.  "If this is what WE want, there mus be a lot of people out there just like us!"  The business was born.

Flare Fires today offer a range of fireplaces to suit your lifestyle.  The Boston and Tuscany ranges can be installed in a range of designs and layouts to suit your space, with finish options including natural masonry, polished finish or even decorative looks such as plaster, schist, or painted.  The Outlaw range and the Martello Tower are quick to install, each with their own distinctive rustic look.

The Boston range
Flare Fires Boston range

The Flare Fires Boston range has clean straight lines, perfect for the modern home outdoor entertaining area.  Cook, entertain - or just relax and enjoy!

The Tuscany range

Flare Fires Tuscany range

The Flare Fires Tuscany range has a soft, romantic curved lines, perfect for creating an authentic Tuscan-style outdoor entertaining area.

The Outlaw
Flare Fires Outlaw range

The Flare Fires Outlaw range provide a quality rustic look, and can be quickly installed to make any space a fantastic entertaining area.

The Martello Tower
Flare Fires Martello tower

The Martello Tower steel fireplace is uniquely designed to maximise ambience and warmth as the flames swirl up the exposed flue.  It's perfect for those hard-to-reach backyards and comes loaded with optional cooking features to enhance your entertaining experience.

The Martello has holes in the back which allow you to fix it to the ground - or add the optional rotator base which allows you to rotate your Martello to optimise ambience and adjust to the wind direction.

Add accessories

Tailor your fireplace with accessories to suit your entertaining and cooking requirements - fireboxes on all Flare Outdoor Fireplaces are build to a standard size of available cooking frames and accessories, all carefully designed for the ultimate heating experience.


An Flare Fires open fireplace creates the perfect outdoor ambience for entertaining
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