Insulation is a hot topic in New Zealand.  If 'cold' or 'damp' are words you’d use to describe your home or if you’re tired of high heating bills, insulation is a major part of the solution.

The Insulmax® Retrofit Wall Insulation System is designed to insulate the walls of all styles of New Zealand homes without renovation or removing wall linings. Installation uses the smallest holes made in the exterior or interior wall lining. The exterior cladding is left weathertight. Our aim is to leave no sign that your walls have been insulated.

Here's why we think Insulmax® wall insulation is a great choice for your home!

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Insulmax offers affordable, hassle-free installation.

There’s no need for a full renovation!  The cost, mess and hassle of removing cladding is enough to put most people off the idea of insulating their home.  However, Insulmax® installation uses holes as small as a 10 cent coin in the exterior or interior cladding.

Installation usually only takes a couple of days, and your exterior cladding is left weathertight.  Holes are reinstated using a polyester filler, sanded and then primed / top coated.  Masonry claddings are reinstated with mortar – Insulmax aim to leave your property spotless with no sign that your walls have been insulated.

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Insulmax is suitable for 99.9% of older Kiwi homes.

Insulmax® cavity wall insulation can be installed through almost all external claddings including brick, weatherboard, block, roughcast (stucco) and fibro.  They can also install through internal plaster board linings.

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Insulmax is a warm and effective solution.

With Insulmax® installed, the ability of your home to hold heat will be a lot higher. You’ll notice your home is generally warmer and after a warm day it will hold its heat longer into the evening. When you turn on heaters the temperature will rise faster and the heaters will turn off sooner. You’ll notice that your heatpump operates at a lower level to keep the same temperature. When you wake up in the morning your home will be warmer and you might be surprised when you step outside and realise how cold it is.

Warm and dry home with insulation
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Insulmax is safe, dry and formaldehyde free.

Insulmax® insulation is water repellent and breathable, so there is no requirement for building paper and it is manufactured not to absorb or wick water so it can be installed directly behind masonry.

Insulmax® is environmentally friendly, made from natural materials and post-consumer waste. It is CFC and HCFC free. It is classified as having zero Ozone Depletion potential and zero Global Warming potential.

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Insulmax is CodeMark certified and independently audited.

Insulmax® is the first Retrofit Wall Insulation Method to be CodeMark certified.  The CodeMark Certification is administered by the N.Z Government and is the highest form of product assurance in New Zealand and Australia.  CodeMark certification is only awarded to products that have high levels of quality management and it demonstrates compliance with the New Zealand Building Code.​

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Insulmax is a guaranteed long term solution.

Tried and tested across Europe, Insulmax® proudly offer a 50 year product guarantee.  It won’t sag or settle like other wet, blown in products - Insulmax® is a dry mineral fibre packed into the wall cavity with a U.E. standard rating of S1 in relation to settling – this rating corresponds to settling measuring below 1% (or umeasurable).

Interested to find out more?  Insulmax are happy to visit your home and make a thorough assessment and obligation-free quote.  They use high resolution thermal imaging to see inside your walls, find the wall cavities and identify your individual needs.


Wall insulation without a full renovation
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