Create a new outdoor space for your family to enjoy by installing your television outdoors in an Apollo Enclosure.  The enclosure protects the television from potential electrical hazards as well as from the weather, dust and insects.

Have your mates around to enjoy the footy by the barbecue, relax in the spa and watch a movie, entertain the kids with outdoor gaming or practice Yoga in the serenity of your backyard - however you want to spend your leisure time, having a TV outdoors can create that extra space you need to enjoy and entertain.

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Apollo Enclosures feature tight-seal technology to protect your screen, with anti-reflective safety glass to reduce glare and enhance contrast to create the best possible viewing experience.  The temperature controlled, filtered air-flow system protects your television in temperatures from -20C to 50C.

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Your Apollo Enclosure features down-facing sound ports to maximise audio performance, and watertight cable covers.  Choose a wall mount bracket, or take it to the next level with a full motion mount or ceiling mount that can tilt and swivel for different viewing angles.


Apollo Enclosures can accommodate a range of television sizes from 39” to 98” – just check the TV depth with us as these are slim enclosures.

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If you don't have an existing television to use, perhaps you'd prefer an outdoor television built specifically to withstand the elements without the need for an enclosure.  Read more here about our Kontech Outdoor Televisions.


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