If you love your pool, but struggle keeping up with maintenance, Poolwerx have a solution for you.  They don't stop at simply servicing your pool or selling you chemicals, they're on hand to advise and support you to ensure you have a healthy pool that you can enjoy - after all, a pool is an investment and deserves the right attention.

Poolwerx was founded in 1992 and is Australasia’s largest pool and spa maintenance network.  Their fully-trained pool maintenance technicians have the expertise to assist you with all your cleaning needs.

Regular pool or spa servicing
Poolwerx pool or spa servicing

Regular pool inspections and equipment maintenance can prolong the life of your pool, and its equipment.  Avoid the costly cleanup of green water and failing seals by having Poolwerx regularly maintain your pool with a four weekly, twice weekly or weekly visit - depending on your individual needs.

Healthy pools are used more, so a regular health check will ensure you investment pays dividends!​

Poolwerx also offer regular professional spa cleaning and maintenance options to keep your spa in top condition and ready to use.  With weekly maintenance or quarterly services, your spa will be ready to slip into and relax at any time.

One-time pool service or green pool cleanup
Poolwerx pool or spa servicing

Is your pool looking a little lackluster? Do you have a special occasion coming up and need your pool looking its best? Maybe you just don’t have enough time to give your pool the TLC it needs?


If things are looking a little green, there's nothing Poolwerx haven't seen before - no matter how bad you might think your green pool is, rest assured that they can clean it!

If you've been throwing chemicals - and money - at your pool and all you're getting is more frustrated, request a service from a Poolwerx technician and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing your pool will be treated and cleaned effectively and efficiently.  There's no need to struggle with algae when Poolwerx can return your pool to its original clean, clear and sparkling glory.

Equipment repair or replacement

Poolwerx pool or spa servicing

Poolwerx services pools and spas of all makes and models. Our knowledgeable technicians receive the most advanced training and continuing education. This ensures that your pool and spa equipment is properly maintained and repaired by a friendly, honest technician who has your needs and best interest at heart.

If your equipment has finally given up the ghost, or you'd like to upgrade to the newest technology, Poolwerx can help you with the latest pool equipment to make pool ownership a pleasure.

Poolwerx can do much more!
Poolwerx pool or spa servicing

Poolwerx have a range of other services for all your pool maintenance and upgrade needs.​

  • Pre-purchase pool inspections

  • Pool and spa 'school' to help you learn how to look after your investment.

  • Pre pool-party clean

  • Heating, lighting and equipment upgrades

Poolwerx is about having safe, healthy fun under the sun in your own back yard. But supporting this is a commitment to keeping your pool and spa not only sparkling but also healthy – because a clear pool isn’t always a healthy pool.


Pool maintenance and equipment solutions for every home
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