SkySolar is a kiwi owned and operated Solar company who help kiwi homes and businesses harness what's already theirs - the zero emmission solar energy hitting their roofs every day.

Your energy use and requirements aren't the same as everyone else's, and SkySolar installations are designed to fit your power needs.  As technology improves, they keep pace and offer the very best.


As SkySolar is solely focused on being an end-to-end solar solutions company.  They're not an energy company trying to look eco, or a finance company looking to sign you up to a solar contract.  They're not a manufacturer trying to flog their own branded products, and they're not experts in carpet, insulation, heat pumps or anything else.  They're experts in solar, so you can have peace of mind knowing you're dealing with the right crowd. 

Why choose solar for my home?

Residential solar power systems are a fantastic investment if you have a desire to reduce your home’s monthly power cost, and run your home on zero-emission energy.  You'll benefit immediately from a drastic reduction in your monthly power costs, protecting yourself from the risk of grid power price increases.  Over time, your solar installation will pay for itself and then it's all savings - all while reducing your carbon footprint!


SkySolar are believers in owning your own system, not renting or leasing it.  Options are available for either outright purchase, or they can tailor a financial package to suit your cash-flow.  In most cases the energy savings generated will balance the payments on the system installed.  Once they've assessed your needs, SkySolar will fully outline the cost of the system, the savings it will generate, and help you arrange any finance required.  Your assessment is free, and there's no obligation to buy.


Because there are no moving parts and no servicing required, there are no maintenance costs or hassles bar the occasional cleaning of the panels to keep the surface soaking in as much sun as possible. 

Which system is right for me?

SkySolar will help you to design a system that works with your property and lifestyle.  There are three residential solar solutions available:


SkySolar grid tied system

Solar panels, inverter and wiring set up to generate power during daylight hours and export the excess back to grid. You use grid power when solar isn’t available.

SkySolar hybrid system


Hybrid systems include a home battery to store solar energy for use at night or during a power cut. Reduces your reliance on grid energy but it is still available as a ‘last resort’.

Off Grid

SkySolar off grid system

A complete break from grid power with your panels, inverter and battery being the sole source of energy to power your home.


It's never been easier to harness the sun's radiant energy than with SkySolar.


It's your roof - harness what's yours!
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