If you’re not growing your own vegetables at home, we can guess why.  A veggie patch is time consuming and demands a lot of space.  You’ve got to get the soil nutrients and drainage right.  You’ve got to water it constantly – but not too much! – and an awful lot of water goes to waste.  There’s a lot of bending down and scrabbling around in the mud, and when you finally manage to coax a few precious leaves from the soil, they’re decimated by snails and other pests – or even a single night of frost that wipes out your whole crop.

This is where Vegepod comes in!  It was created in Sydney in 2006, after the Vegepod team noticed that backyard veggie patches were being consigned to the history books.   They investigated how to remove the common barriers to conventional gardening such (time constraints, smaller yards, water restrictions, difficulties growing) and developed the Vegepod you see today.  Not just an invention – an innovation!


Vegepod recently came to New Zealand in 2016, so now Kiwis have a simple and efficient way of growing vegetables at home.  Even the most notorious plant-killer will be able to proudly present their own produce at the dinner table!

What makes it great?  The Vegepod is a vegetable container garden with a self-watering system and a protective, permeable mesh canopy.  This fully contained microclimate is low maintenance and ensures superior growth by keeping the bad stuff out (bugs, animals, harsh weather and soil contamination) and the good stuff in – recycling nutrients so nothing washes away!  You have complete control over the soil as everything you put in gets used only by the plants in the Vegepod, not surrounding trees, lawns or weeds. 


The self-watering reservoir holds up to 64 litres and uses a wicking system to keep your garden watered from below – using up to 80% less water!  You can also include a mist sprayer in the canopy roof to provide extra irrigation.

Compact and portable, you can set up your Vegepod anywhere from backyards to balconies, decks and even rooftops.  With three sizes available and height adjustable options, you can even create a garden at standing height, and if you’re moving house, you can just pack it up and go – ideal for renters.


Made from food-safe plastic, the Vegepod allows you to grow truly organic vegetables with no sprays and no waste.


Grow vegetables hassle-free at home with Vegepod
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